Building automation

Set up or modernise the building automation systems to elevate your property.
Occupancy sensors
HVAC systems
Proactive maintenance
Data analytics
Alarms & security
Full-scope service
Optimised lighting
Water management
Tech waranty
Climate control
Parking sensors
Demand response
Building management modernisation
Reconstruction or modernisation of the existing building management systems and automation elements.
Machine-learning powered decision making tools
Preventative management of the wear and tear of HVAC units. Automated decision making based on pre-defined metrics.
Automation design, installation and project management
Audit of the existing systems. Projections of the automation-related costs and savings. On-site installation and project ownership.
Servicing the automation components
Updates, maintenance and replacement of the automation components. Set up and improvements of the controller logic, customised to the client needs.

Same but wiser

Centralised and remote management
Intellify algorithms learn and optimise the energy consumption in real time, making your building cost-efficient and environmentally responsible.
Data storage and visualisation
Store your data on cloud for advanced security, prompt decision making, and seamless future scalability and upgrades.
Cost efficiency
Optimise resource usage, reduce operational expenses and prevent equipment failures before they occur.
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Intellify is proud to work with Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) methodology and assessment system

Our client portfolio

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Origo shopping center

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Ostas skati

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VERDE business center

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