We collect data on the climate of the building, inertia, energy system work, building use habits and other relevant indicators.

After analyzing our data specialists develop individual recommendations for the building energy system optimization based on realistic calculations to help save money and resources.

According to the recommendations, we also carry out the system rebuilding or construction, modernize them, manage or reprogram your settings.

Our team has more than 20 year experience in this field. It consists of more than 60 of Latvia's best specialists, who create, implement and maintain buildings' climate solutions. Among our objects are such publicly significant, voluminous and activity-specific buildings like Riga Motor Museum, Vidzeme Hospital, Latvian National Museum of Art, National Library of Latvia and others.


Bauskas street 58, 2nd floor, room 231
Riga, LV -1004, Latvia


E-mail: info@intellify.lv
Tālr.: +371-29788929