Latvian National Library - The Castle of Light

Latvian National Library is one of the most important projects of the 21st century in Latvia, which gives the opportunity to become a modern world-class information and cultural center.

The building ventilation occurs with inlet - exhaust air handling unit, providing air exchange in the building 2 times per hour. The ventilation in offices and reading rooms is provided by the inlet - exhaust air handling unit, and each floor book storage serves individual recirculation air handling units. Air depending on the necessity is heated, cooled, humidified or dehumidified.

Building parameters and gains:

45253 m2


740000 m3/h

Air exchange


Chillers "Carrier" with a capacity of 4 MW + 800 kW + 300 kW


German company Menerga adiabatic process cooling chiller


Bauskas street 58, 2nd floor, room 231
Riga, LV -1004, Latvia


E-mail: info@intellify.lv
Tālr.: +371-29788929