Energy data monitoring and analysis

Energy consumption monitoring

  • Building's management costs may be high;
  • It is often difficult and time consuming to determine the causes of these costs in large buildings;
  • By correctly identifying problems, their solution can reduce energy consumption up to 30% in relation to the previous one;

We install sensor networks in building systems, collect, process and analyze the data so you can see it transparently and look at a particular building in a personalized application.

The application makes it easy to follow the system processes of the building, interconnected correlation and energy efficiency. It is customized for each customer individual needs. The application can be used remotely, from various devices and at any time of the day.

This is a solution developed by our engineers, therefore, the user can always get support and advice.

We are the only company in Latvia that performs a complete building energy efficiency eracking and improvement cycle - from sensor installation, data collection and analysis, up to individualized monitoring application and recommendation development of the energy efficiency of the building.


Energy efficiency promotion

  • We evaluate the existing engineering systems of a building, their usefulness coefficients, equipment management principles, building automation management level;
  • We give suggestions on the need for monitoring equipment activities and analysis of energy consumption;
  • We make calculations for the necessary investments for climate improvement to save energy, to improve the principles of management, and we manage projects to improve the automation of buildings.

We collect data on the climate of the building, inertia, energy system work, building use habits and other relevant indicators.

After analyzing our data specialists develop individual recommendations for the building energy system optimization based on realistic calculations to help save money and resources.

According to the recommendations, we also carry out the system rebuilding or construction, modernize them, manage or reprogram your settings.

Our team has more than 20 year experience in this field. It consists of more than 60 of Latvia's best specialists, who create, implement and maintain buildings' climate solutions. Among our objects are such publicly significant, voluminous and activity-specific buildings like Riga Motor Museum, Vidzeme Hospital, Latvian National Museum of Art, National Library of Latvia and others.

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Our experience


Riga Motor Museum and the RTSD office building

Riga Motor Museum, that was built in 1988, has become one of the most popular brands in the Baltics, that is fancied by the fans of antique cars, because this is the first and, at the moment, the biggest antique car museum in the Baltics.

Modern requirements for other parameters of heat insulation and the need to modernize the exhibition halls led to thinking about the reconstruction of the building. This coincided with the RTSD ask to build a new customer service and office building, and, as a result, both of these projects are combined into a single unit. "Riga Motor Museum" was reconstructed, scrupulously preserving nuances of its historical image, although modern materials were used, and alongside a new 5-storey office building is being built. Both buildings are connected on the third-floor level by a hallway, partly symbolizing that the museum has moved into the care of RTSD.

Vidzeme hospital, Valmiera

Lafivents LTD carries out monitoring of energy consumption of the C-cell of Vidzeme Hospital and energy efficiency improvement measures, as well as the integration of existing infrastructure automatic control system.

Monitoring of energy resources gives an idea of ​​the characteristics of the holding's activities.

By constantly communicating with the client, the surplus energy resources and consumption are discovered and eliminated.


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